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In a Million Years

The  past and future can't be changed...right?


Carson Maddox

Carson is a Senior Research Scientist for the Society in Black.  

During the years of madness known as the Mass Annihilation, humans killed each other for what resources were left on the planet and burned everything to the ground along the way so large swaths of Earth's history are now unknown.  His job is to piece together the fragments of information sent to him by other Society members in an effort to reconstruct a history of the planet which is now under Keplerian rule. 

 In an effort to become free of these alien masters, the Society formed and moved underground where they discovered a hidden time machine.  Using it, they sent Carson back to the year 1977 to conduct some research.  While there, he falls in love with the freedom of movement as expressed in the song, Life In The Fast Lane.  then his future is sealed for him when he meets Debra...